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My shop sprouts by the shore of Lake Garda, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy, in my blooming garden of violets, roses and dandelions, the Wonderland of my childhood. Some years passed since that day of late spring when watching my garden and finding it withering from one day to another I wished to stop that process with a miracle... I made my way!
I create nature inspired jewelry because creating is my life and nature is my source of energy. Preserving the beauty of nature to make you feel special and unique, wearing precious blooms, is a heart-warming satisfaction. The perfect peace of nature, the warmth of the autumn leaves, the floral gift for a lover, the sweet memory of wishes blowing in the wind with dandelion seeds, all of them can follow you everywhere, also in the metropolis. Nature is our biggest treasure...

Everything you can see in my shop is 100% made with love and high quality bio-derived and eco materials, and a refined tecnique striving to perfection. Flowers are planted, grown, picked, dried, preserved and included in crystal eco resin with a long accurate procedure. Resins are molded, coloured, hand-polished to luster several times by me. Components are found in local italian vintage markets and around the world. If you wish to find a special present, ask and let me create something unique just for you!

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